Q. Is it safe to have all my business information on the Internet?
A. All possible precautions are taken to avoid unwanted intruders gaining access. These include firewalls, anti-intrusion monitoring and a host of other securities available on our network. Our servers are co-located at secure premises running top-of-the-range systems for your safety.

Q. Will EziWorx use our database for any purpose?
A. Absolutely NOT. We do not access customer data, unless required to upgrade or provide support. We only use statistical information to evaluate our own system performance. We include a  Confidentiality Agreement for your protection

Q. What if the Internet goes down?
A. We have had almost no real down time, except for pre-organised server maintenance shut downs, these are usually after hours when the system is free. There are occasions when ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) systems go down, in this case, it is out of our hands. A lot of ISP provide modems that support 3G Backup so if your regular Internet goes down, your network will still have access to the Internet via wireless.

Some of our customers also have a 3G Tablet or Laptop for emergency trade without any loss of functionality. This is also a very good emergency backup to complete power failures as these devices are also battery driven.

Q. How do you handle system faults?
A. Our automated monitoring system keeps a log of most unforeseen bugs that may occur. Before you can get on the telephone, our support team is usually alreay at work rectifying the issue. You may of course report any issue directly in EziWorx via the Leave Feedback feature.

Q. What is included in my Annual fees?
A. Your Annual support/maintenance fees include Free EziWorx Telephone support, Free System Updates, Data hosting fees, backups and of course the use of EziWorx Online.

Q. Do you offer any other services?
A. We offer a full range of other IT Support services for general IT Hardware, Networking, Virus Removal, Training, Workshop Repair and of course New Hardware such as Tablets and POS Terminals, POS Stands, POS Printers, Barcode Scanners etc… for those that want extra.

 Q. How often do we receive software upgrades?
A. Upgrades are usually performed quarterly. We will however provide upgrades as often as required to ensure that any issues identified are resolved as quickly as possible. All upgrades are free. You will see a update feed which displays all new features on your dashboard when you login

Q. Which Ecommerce solutions do you support?
A. EziWorx can export to OpenCart, Magento or WordPress so you have the flexibility to choose one to suit your budget and needs. Having an integrated website does not need to be expensive and you can have one from as little at $4.95 Month!!

Q. I have a feature request – do you listen?
A. Feature requests are welcome and fall into two main categories. If the feature can be applied globally to many business types and adds value and functionality to the system and the feature is specific to my business only. We consider all requests but do sort the request into these two groups. We can also quote you for feature requests to be brought to the front of the queue.

Q. I have an existing POS System – Can I keep my product and customer data?
A. EziWorx has very easy to use import tools so you can bring your existing data to the cloud, so you can access it anywhere, anytime, yourself. We can help you extract and import your data as an additional service if required. Upgrade to EziWorx without any business downtime!!