Inventory Barcode Labels

Let EziWorx Create your Inventory Barcode Labels


Labels Printed to Zebra Label Printer

Most items nowadays come already bar-coded, however, for the stock items which are not bar-coded, you can create your own barcodes. Then use the Barcode printing to print barcode labels to all of your stock directly from EziWorx to a Zebra Label Printer.

Printing barcodes can not be made any simpler, just tag any part in any screen and then go to the parts screen, enter your product quantities, and click on Batch Labels Print Button, It’s that simple! And by using barcodes, there is no chance of making a mistake when selling. EziWorx also allows for multiple codes for the same item, a very handy feature if you buy your products from different suppliers with different part numbers for the same stock item.

Fully Control Your Stock

EziWorx gives you full control of you stock. It will enable you to track each and every item that passes through your business, such as when it was bought and sold, how good a product line is doing, which stock is fast or slow moving, what is making you money, when and where to order from and more.


Print Tagged Parts as Barcode Labels