CRM System made Easy

CRM System made Easy

CRM systems have become quite complex, having evolved into an all-encompassing business solution and database. Highly advanced software allows a CRM system to become an effective tool for managing business. It can collect data from a customer, create a detailed receipt, catalogue inventory, print sales reports, streamline ordering, provide statistics and link to accounting for the entire store at the push of a button – information that would once have taken extensive manpower and time to figure out manually.

The business size and needs may dictate which system would be most suitable, as some are adapted for larger companies or chains while other systems are more suitable for a smaller business. Larger, more complex systems may require a full-time dedicated system manager or team to maintain, while simpler systems may provide the ideal solution for a smaller business without creating the demand for additional staff. This is where EziWorx comes in with an offering providing a simple and easy to use experience that will empower small business and give them the tools to compete in increasingly difficult trading conditions.

Take the guess work out of running your business and see solid facts which will allow you to make informed decisions.

Move your business forward

Move your Business Forward

Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

A growing business needs a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application. It helps you manage critical customer information in one place — and gives you a complete view of your business.

You’ll gain key business insights that help you close more deals, boost sales, and improve forecasting accuracy. It will give you access to tools to assist you with lead generation, marketing and lift your conversion rates into tangible sales.

But which one is right for you?

Many users of a CRM products find that while they offer a very comprehensive tool, for SMB it needs to be refined to suit individual needs otherwise it can become very overwhelming. EziWorx has taken this very common complaint and made it the foundation it was built on. It is simple and easy to use, removing all the complex steps usually required in most CRM packages while maintaining the best tools for a small business to compete against much bigger adversaries.

Send your customers beautiful email campaigns

Send your Customers Beautiful email Campaigns

Business Intelligence – Mini Widgets

Business Intelligence – Mini Widgets

Mini Widgets are full customisable to suit each individual user according to set permissions. You can generate the mini widgets in any page on demand or have them auto load as you log in to the system. No need to go data mining every time you want to analyse your business information. You can create multiple sets of mini widgets and load only the set applicable to the information you require.

Real Time Information on Demand

Real Time Information on Demand

Business Intelligence in Real Time

Business Intelligence in Real Time

Any time, any where.





With EziWorx you’re able to keep an eye on your business in real time, all of the time. Real-time sales and inventory data is available for timely up to date decisions. Easily alter prices, view stock levels and make instant purchase orders across multiple stock locations, on demand.

Linux CRM – Apple CRM – Windows CRM

Linux CRM – Apple CRM – Windows CRM

Anytime, Anywhere.





EziWorx is web-based, so you can access your data any time, anywhere. It is not platform dependent, so you can use Apple Mac, Windows, or even Linux. You can even go mobile! It’s all up to you.

Unlimited Growth.

EziWorx is scalable and can support multi-stock location set-ups with no limit. And since it is co-effective, you don’t have to break the bank to maintain your account. Growing your business has never been more efficient. You can maintain inventory separately. You are in total control. You can view reports for each store separately and easily switch stores. Employees can be assigned to a store for easy access control.


Inventory Barcode Labels

Let EziWorx Create your Inventory Barcode Labels


Labels Printed to Zebra Label Printer

Most items nowadays come already bar-coded, however, for the stock items which are not bar-coded, you can create your own barcodes. Then use the Barcode printing to print barcode labels to all of your stock directly from EziWorx to a Zebra Label Printer.

Printing barcodes can not be made any simpler, just tag any part in any screen and then go to the parts screen, enter your product quantities, and click on Batch Labels Print Button, It’s that simple! And by using barcodes, there is no chance of making a mistake when selling. EziWorx also allows for multiple codes for the same item, a very handy feature if you buy your products from different suppliers with different part numbers for the same stock item.

Fully Control Your Stock

EziWorx gives you full control of you stock. It will enable you to track each and every item that passes through your business, such as when it was bought and sold, how good a product line is doing, which stock is fast or slow moving, what is making you money, when and where to order from and more.


Print Tagged Parts as Barcode Labels


Cash Register v EziWorx CRM

Cash Registers v EziWorx CRM

Eziworx CRM Business System Australia

EziWorx CRM replaces a Cash Register

EziWorx CRM gives you the ability to track critical information and see your profit and loss in real time!!

Cash registers are great for ringing up sales, but if you are looking to expand your business, market to yourUpgrades customers, increase your efficiency, monitor your product movement, reduce theft and shrinkage and analyse your users you should probably consider spending a little bit more money on a CRM system and get the results you are looking for.

CRM – Business System Australia

Business Dashboard

Business Dashboard

Find out what is happening in your business in real time, any time and on demand with EziWorx built in Powerful Tools.

Our fully customisable business dashboard by user will ensure everyone in your organisation stays on top of their game and that all tasks are accounted for.

The Business Dashboard in EziWorx  supports external links as well as internal links to pages and reports.

Business Dashboard

Business Dashboard


Business CRM – EziWorx CRM Software Australia

Business CRM – EziWorx CRM Software Australia

We hear from a lot of small retailers who don’t have much software experience. But many are ready to ditch that old cash register and invest in retail management systems that offer more advanced point of sale (POS), customer relationship management (CRM), and inventory management functionality.

Retail software commonly offer three types of applications: POS, inventory management, and CRM. Some will also offer capabilities such as merchandise planning, warehouse management, and e-commerce…..well EziWorx CRM gives you all of this….and more

EziWorx CRM  – Find out what is happening in your business in real time, any time and on demand with our Powerful Analytical Tools

EziWorx CRM is an all in one quoting, invoicing, service and inventory program that has everything you need for creating and emailing professional quotes and invoices for your customers.

You can track your parts, stock levels, serial numbers, warranty dates and so much more.

Track, Log & Bill customer support calls, track paid services etc…

Being Cloud Based means you have No Expensive Hardware to worry about and no expensive IT expenses and no geographical boundaries.

EziWorx CRM – Interfaces to Google Maps, Australia Post, Campaign Monitor, WordPress, Magento, Open Cart, MYOB and the list is growing…..

All features are controlled through employee permissions and admission control.

EziWorx is your Business – CRM Software Australia